jake out side



Jake and the Shoe

October 19, 2009


Please read this –or have Mom and Dad read to you- before you shred it. Occasionally Moms don't recognize really good puppy toys. None of us 2 leggers are as smart as you 4 legger canines!

So, enclosed is a 2 legger's best guess at a 4 leggers wants; partially based on 2 leg stuff smelling and tasting better than dog toys from pet stores.

Hope to see you again! “One of your admirers”,


P.S. If Mom/Dad decide this should be trashed please respect their judgment.


jake Jake on the couch

Hi J,

At first my parents thought one shoe would lead to another one -theirs!. But they saw that i attacked only your broken down tennis shoe. Oh, the wonderful joy of having such a Chewing!

I have to say that there is no more canvas left and the shoe strings are Gone, Gone, Gone.. Such a treat! Looking forward to the other one.

Your friend, Jake




From: Tim The Old
Sent: Tuesday,
To: Jake@taosnm.com
Subject: Missing you


I miss having you on my lap, enjoying morning coffee. And sharing my crumbs at night with you after you get your belly rubbed. I am not bringing Laurel this time, so you'll have me all to yourself. I don't want our rendezvous to taint of commercial intercourse, so ask Prudy if this would be a good time to get that comp day she was so good to give me. I figured mid-April would be the dog days for innkeepers in Taos, making my return visit that much more convenient. Don't tell her or John that you are the reason I cannot stay away. For a cover story, just say I was making one last attempt to make a home in Taos. If a home eludes us, it will be at least a year before I see you again because Laurel will drag me on a year long bicycle trek, letting the road lead the way. But prospects look good...just think you'd always be in barking distance.

Tim the Old

Jake & Prudy


It is so great to hear from you and to know that you are coming back to town!  Maybe if the weather is nice by then, we can sit out in the courtyard after dinner and look at the stars! Of course, I’d take my mom (see picture) with me where-ever I go…

Let me know if you need me to arrange anything for you before your arrival.  You aren’t visiting any other dogs along the way, are you?

See you in April.