Apple Ricotta Crepes

This recipe makes French style crepes, 2 per person. This recipe will make enough for 10 people. Make the Crepes first before working on the sauces or fillings.


Ingredients (makes 22-24 crepes)

2          cups all-purpose flour

2          teaspoons white sugar

½         teaspoon salt

6          eggs

4          cups of milk

¼         cup butter, melted



Mix the dry ingredients together. Mix the eggs and milk in a separate bowl until frothy. Slowly put in the dry mixture into the wet mixture. When complete, slowly add the melted butter. Cook over a medium-low fire, Spread mixture to cover the bottom of the pan (6-8 inch). Swirl the mixture with a little going up the sides of the pan so the crepe is even. Flip over once the sides start to brown (about 20 seconds). Cook only 10 seconds on second side. Place on wax paper, separate each crepe with another sheet of wax paper. (If you make the crepes in advance, place them in the refrigerator.)

Filling: Apple and Ricotta Cheese

  • Warm up 1 cup apple puree sauce
  • Cut up 2 green apples into thin slices, wash them with lemon juice (to avoid browning)
  • Have the pan on medium heat. Put a thick slice of butter in the pan. Sprinkle brown sugar over the apples in the pan, turning them so they are glazed brown
  • Warm up 1 cup of Italian Ricotta cheese with a 1/3 cup of heavy cream

o   Option 1: Mix the apple sauce and cheese together to put inside the crepe

o   Option 2: Mix the apple sauce with the apples and keep cheese mix separate

  • Place the sauces into the refrigerator until ready to serve

Prepare for serving 

  • Warm up the crepes in a pan, one at a time when ready to serve
  • Put filling (apple sauce and/or cheese) onto the warm crepe on the plate, fold/wrap
  • Put a couple of apple cuts on top of the crepes. Option 2: spoon cheese mix on top
  • Use garnish (Italian parsley) and a dash of whip cream, raspberry on top if desired