Eggs Milano

I have a wonderful recipe that is from one of my trips to Milan, Italy. It wasn’t a breakfast meal, but a light evening meal. I made some changes, but it is very much like a northern Italy meal with sauces, vegetables, cheeses and mild sausage.






      (For 8-10 servings):

    • 1 lb. of Italian Sweet Sausage
    • Hash Brown package
    • 12 Eggs
    • Raw leaf spinach package
    • Mozzarella Cheese
    • Parmesan Cheese
    • Bruschetta sauce


    • Oven at 350
    • Use a large cupcake pan

First Step:

    • Poach the eggs for each cupcake insert. Should be around 3-4 minutes so the yoke is still runny.
    • Put into a pan of hot water, set aside until you’re ready to serve.
    • Warm the Bruschetta sauce in a pan, set aside until you’re ready to serve.
    • Mix the hash browns, room temperature butter and handful of mozzarella cheese.

Second Step:
Place the mixture of hash browns with butter and Mozzarella cheese, into the cupcake pan(s), covering about 2/3 of the cupcake area.

    • Cook in cupcake pan(s) for 25-30 minutes so they are cooked crispy-brown on the edges.
    • Take the cooked hash brown mix out of the pan and place on plate.
    • Put 2 or 3 tsp of sausage onto the hash brown mix so the bottom is covered.
    • Sautee the leaf spinach in butter.
    • Put the poached egg on top of the sausage.
    • Place about 6-8 sauteed leafs of the spinach in the middle so it’s touching the center of the egg.
    • Dribble the bruschetta sauce over the egg and partially cover the spinach.
    • Sprinkle the grated Parmesan cheese on top of the sauce.

If you don’t serve the dish right away:

    • When you’re ready to serve, put the cupcake pan with the hash brown mix into the oven for about 5-10 minutes to make sure they are warm; heat the bruschetta sauce so it bubbles a little.
    • Take the cupcake pan out of the oven.
    • Put a poached egg into the little valley in the hash brown mixture.
    • Put 2-3 tsp. of the Sweet Italian Sausage on top of the egg.
    • Spoon the bruschetta sauce in the middle, then down one side.
    • Sprinkle a little of the grated Parmesan cheese on top to give it a nice color with the Bruschetta sauce.

Serve with a little fruit or melon compote.
Bon Appetite!

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