Taos is a wonderful, natural environment; at Dreamcatcher we try to live ecologically in as many ways as possible to help preserve this special part of the United Sates. We’ve listed here the ways that we are making an effort to be green, caring about the environment and being responsible citizens of Taos. We are proud to say Dreamcatcher B&B is an environmentally friendly place you can enjoy and appreciate.

  • When energy-saving measures such as fluorescent bulbs, ceiling fans, linen cards and lights out cards
  • Soaps, cleaning products are biodegradable and carry a ‘green’ label
  • Locally grown foods are served at the B&B
  • Our garden at the B&B supplies us with produce we serve our guests throughout the year: tomatoes, parsley, onions, garlic, basil, oregano, rhubarb, green & red peppers, mint, raspberries, zucchini, pumpkins
  • We recycle materials used at the B&B by bringing these used pieces to the recycled station in Taos: plastic, glass, paper
  • We help organize eco tourism adventures for the B&B traveler such as promoting Llama trekking, horseback riding, hiking and biking on existing courses and routes.