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I’ve been writing for many years and have shared my work with my family. People have encouraged me to pursue a writing career, but the family and job seemed to leave little room for the work of finding an agent and publisher. Now that Prudence and I have left corporate life for the Inn Keeping business, I’ve decided to use the internet as my vehicle for now for publishing. You can read 15 pages of a book as a teaser. If you like it you can purchase it on Amazon on the Internet and it will be mailed to you or sent to your kindle device. Thanks for taking an interest in my writing adventure.

Patience in Wonder Meadow - John Abeln

Patience in Wonder Meadow

This is a fictional account of a young girl Patience who has an experience similar to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Patience is a bright young girl who is bored and unimpressed with school but loves her dog Daisy. On a cold miserable day Patience takes Daisy to the local Mall called Wonder Meadow where the adventure of her life begins.

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Fair Oaks - John Abeln

Fair Oaks

Growing up in Northern California in the Sixties was a wonderful time for families and children. Recently I was laid up after shoulder surgery and had time when watching TV or reading wasn’t very interesting. But many memories and stories started to pour out while being laid up and I realized that a lot of who I am now comes from those experiences. I started writing to capture these moments, life-changing events and small vignettes of a life-style that probably doesn’t exist anymore.

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The Arena - John Abeln

The Arena

The murder mystery story is set in contemporary times as Americans enjoy business growth throughout the world. As entrepreneurs, Gannon and Ed have picked two countries –Italy and Spain- to expand their healthcare software company, licensing their software. At the first meeting in Brussels, Giancarlo the Italian and Enrico the Spaniard demonstrate their strong personalities. Gannon and Ed are immediately drawn into their world of different life-styles, food and work perspectives.

On his first business visit to Italy, Ed dies a horrific death. Gannon grieves his partner and wonders if he can continue at the same time becomes obsessed with solving his partner’s murder. The international issues of jurisdiction and culture make the process all the more complicated.

In The Arena, the bullfight is the metaphor that describes graphically the ritual of the old world that is savage and cathartic, yet spiritually complete. The Arena is about pain and redemption as Gannon emerges from his fantasy of success to the cruel world and anarchic behavior of the old European world. He sees it is the skilled and best prepared that survives regardless of the past strength and position.

Can Gannon overcome his fear of being a target of the killer as he faces his own mortality when picking up Ed’s body in Rome? Is it revenge that he seeks? Is it a bestial reaction that sets him off to solve the murder and pursue punishment?

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Crying Body - John Abeln

Crying Body

What if a series of west coast earthquakes simultaneously trigger a volcanic catastrophe more dramatic than Washington’s 1980 St. Helens eruption?
This story is set in the future when America is devastated by the twin calamities of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions west of the Continental Divide. To survive, dramatic steps to protect themselves from the toxic environment lead them to become emotionally and physically sterile. With all of the protective creams, clothing and diet, the inhabitants lost their emotional compass, and are managed by the ZOOCOO which is a hybrid of a zoo’s animal management discipline and autocratic government.
Beus, a young man, starts an identity quest quietly, questioning the establishment. Painfully, he starts to realize the compound he lives in –The Plaza- and the created customs and rituals, stifle individuality and creativity.
The only family support comes in the form of a Cry Body, a non-human that helps in the pro-creation and child raising. Cry Bodies arrives in Etiwanda -what is left of the west- mysteriously when a couple is married and helps them fulfill their allotment of pro-creation acts. When the children arrive the Cry Body has the emotional energy and sympathy to raise the children and make the family functional, at least on the surface. Beus decides to break out of the compound, venture into the wilderness. What will the adventure bring?
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a small warmth - John Abeln

a small warmth

Five years after the shoot-out, Malcolm is the VP of Operations and Aretha is a senior software analyst, living in Parker Colorado. The Monschau shoot-out, the German police killing Suleiman Abu, is history. But Gary Rice, brother of Jerry Rice, aka Ishmael the terrorist, is in Boulder at the University, on the trail of Aretha.
At the Boulder Colorado University, the student Gary Rice came from Oakland to escape his hometown. An unexpected occurrence throws Gary and Aretha together during a weekend that was celebration for Aretha and her friends and revenge for Gary. What will happen in this quiet suburb of Denver? Who will save Aretha this time, or is it her time?
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Summer Sundays (Aretha) - John Abeln

Summer Sundays (Aretha)

A series of murders in Belgium, a terrorist cell group in a Brussels, and a group of Americans living in Brussels, are at the intersection where intrigue, deception and murder collide. Aretha is the unwitting protagonist when she takes a short term job with Gannon Water’s software company in Brussels, Belgium. She is asked by Gannon’s wife Beth, to join the Summer Sunday Tours –a series of weekend packages for ex- patriots to see unique parts of Europe. While on a tour in London, Aretha falls for a British colleague, Malcolm, just as the bus driver of the Tour is killed, creating panic.
Now the London and Brussels police are on the trail of murder suspects and now a passport theft group. The police identify a group of Middle Eastern men involved somehow with the murders but it is not clear how. Was the first murder revenge, a signal to another group about turf or the first of many murders from an al Qaida’s cell?
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